In search of sparkle

All my life I have been drawn to shiny things.

As a child in Stockholm I had a special cupboard at my Grandmother’s full of her cast-off jewellery. Like a little magpie I would spend hours happily rifling through it for treasure. For my birthday one year she gave me a Chinese cherry-wood cabinet to keep my own growing collection in. It remains one of the best presents I’ve ever had.

So it is perhaps no surprise that I have ended up making jewellery. I love the feeling that catching a glimpse of a sparkly ring or a pretty necklace you’re wearing can give you. It’s like a little ping of happiness every time!

I want to share some of my excitement around that in this blog, and also what inspires me in my own work inside and out of the studio.

I will be showing some of my work at an exhibition at Craft Central in London on 3-8 March which I am having lots of fun (and some stress) preparing for. It will be the first time I show off my jewellery to the world - the first time I'm exhibiting anything actually. So I'm really excited – and a little scared!